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Why your business should consider a storage unit

When people think of businesses that use self storage units, they tend to imagine large companies with vast amounts of paper records, or trades who frequently need to store and move stock. While both of these types of businesses will benefit hugely from a storage unit, storage units have many more benefits to a whole range of businesses.

At Container Storage Units, we know how helpful using storage for your business can be. Here are some of the top comments we have received from our happy clientele:

1. Storage units save space

It can be very difficult to work in a cluttered office, and having items and papers all over the place is likely to make things more difficult to find, thus reducing the productivity and efficiency of your employees. By placing excess furniture and records in storage, you can ensure that your office is an ideal place to work, without having to throw anything away.

2. Storage units can save money

Offices are often the largest fixed cost for businesses, and paying for a larger office to hold all of your items and stock that you don’t need on a regular basis will have serious impacts on your expenses, and thus your profit margins. Storage units are a cost-effective way of holding more items without paying premium rates for office space, so renting out storage space will actually save you money.

3. Stock is kept safe

Self storage units tend to be very well protected, and companies that offer storage space are likely to invest in state of the art security, far more efficient and effective than traditionally used in offices. As such, if you have any valuable stock that needs protecting, a storage unit is likely to be safer than your place of work. Insurance premiums on stock are also likely to be lower if your items are better protected, so a storage unit could also help reduce your insurance costs too!

At Container Storage Units, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke and personalised services for all of your needs. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that they always get the best possible service, so contact us today.

Black businessman in casual office, work with laptop – Credit to by nodstrum licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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