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5 Foot Container Storage


  • 8x5x8 foot
  • 40 sq foot
  • 4 sq metres
  • 8 cubic metres

£24.93 per week or £108 per calendar month

Our 5ft containers are the ideal size for storing the contents of a large van – typically around 80 to 100 boxes. A popular choice for small businesses and tradesmen as a cache for key tools, equipment and resources in general. These containers are also the perfect size for storing two motorbikes or the contents of smaller-sized flats. Great for relocation purposes, or simply to hold onto the possessions you currently don’t have space for on your property.

Available for the low price of £24.93 per week or £108 per month, our terms and container prices are fully flexible for maximum convenience. Call to discuss your needs for an accurate price quotation.


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