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24hr access available on request
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Moorhouse Industrial Park, off A25 Westerham Road, Westerham, Kent, TN16 2EU.

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For information on container storage hire or sales call 0800 038 5810

For all your storage needs throughout London, Surrey, Sussex & Kent

Size Square / Cubic Metres Square Foot How much can I Store?
4 Foot Container 8x13x8 Foot 3 square mt / 6.3 cubic mt 32 square foot This size can accommodate a motorbike contents of a small flat and boxes for archiving
5 Foot Container 8x5x8 Foot 4 square mt / 8 cubic mt 40 square foot This can hold the contents of a large van 80-100 boxes for archive 2 motorbikes or a range of building tools for the small businessman
7 Foot Container 8x7x8 Foot 5.5 square mt / 11 cubic mt 56 square foot You could fit the contents of a small flat 90-100 boxes for archive purposes or personal items motorbikes
10 Foot Container 8x10x8 Foot 6.7 square mt / 16.5 cubic mt 80 square foot This unit can fit the contents of a two bed flat or small house Archive boxes small business storage items and personal items for general use.
13 Foot Container 8x13x8 Foot 9.36 square mt / 21.5 cubic mt 104 square foot This unit can store the contents of a large two bed terrace house or a 3 bed house and various items for a small business or family
15 Foot Container 8x15x8 Foot 11.04 square mt / 25.39 cubic mt 120 square foot A Large 3 bed house should fit in this unit a few motorbikes and all general items for a business or large family
20 Foot Container 8x20x8 Foot 14.16 square mt / 33 cubic mt 160 square foot Cars will fit in this unit or the contents of a 4 bed house its also ideal for builders and small businesses looking to free up space and store things for use as required.
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We will also try to accommodate any custom sizes you may require if they are for long term hire and these can be manufactured to suit.
We can also arrange for post boxes to be on site for any post to be delivered on request for small businesses or people overseas who are storing with us for a small fee.

We can also store containers on request if required subject to us having spare capacity on site please call to discuss.