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Lorry Storage & Commercial Vehicles

Storing full-size lorries and commercial vehicles when not in use can be challenging. Regardless of the size of your business and what it is you do, chances are free space is something you don’t have a great deal of. At least, not the kind of safe, secure and convenient free space that can be used for safe and secure truck bed storage, or any other large and expensive vehicles. Nevertheless, the commercial vehicles you use need to go somewhere while off the road. Which is why we’d like to propose bringing your lorries and trucks to us, for the kind of secure storage that’s surprisingly affordable!

We firmly believe that storage of even the largest vehicles doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Our service package is dedicated to simplified, no-frills lorry storage with a firm focus on what really matters. The safety and security of your vehicles, convenient access and the lowest possible prices. Not to mention, the option of short and long-term storage services for maximum flexibility. Whether looking to store a single commercial vehicle or truck bed storage for a whole fleet, don’t go elsewhere without first giving us a call. We guarantee you will not find a better deal on lorry storage at a better price, anywhere else!


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    Small Plant Storage

    Most plant machinery spends a fair amount of time each year in storage. Which for businesses with smaller premises and larger contingencies of plant can be problematic. The same can also be said for those running small businesses from home, who may not have any dedicated business premises to speak of. Plant machinery can be heavy, bulky, inconvenient and difficult to store safely. That is, unless you come to us and explore our dynamic small plant storage services!

    We’d be delighted to provide a temporary home for all the plant machinery you’re unable to store at your premises. Or at least, would rather have stored safely, securely and out of the way. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial small plant storage solutions, with short and long-term agreements available. Your property will be watched over by 24/7 CCTV, you’ll have access to your equipment seven days a week and you can count on our dedicated customer care team to help and advise at all times. And if you’re out for the best possible deal, we work hard to keep our small plant storage prices at least 30% lower than market averages at all times. For more information or to discuss your plant storage needs, give us a call today or drop us an email.

    Building machinery storage

    It’s a common problem faced by many building companies and contractors across the UK. Between projects or when tackling smaller jobs, where to store all that heavy-duty machinery? Storing building machinery appropriately means considering the conditions, accessibility and safety of the available space. Which makes it tricky for larger businesses, often impossible for smaller companies. Which is why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of building machinery storage services, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

    Our business was established to take care of the equipment you can’t (or would rather not) store on-site. Whether looking to free up space, maximise security or simply improve the efficiency of your business, our intelligent equipment storage solutions can make all the difference. We can store and look after building machinery storage needs, both on short-term and long-term bases. We’ll ensure you have easy access to your equipment seven days a week and guarantee the lowest prices on the market. We work hard to simplify machinery storage for our customers, with dedicated support available at all times. Drop us a line or pay our facility a visit for a closer look at how we do industrial storage.

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