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Safeguarding expensive items in storage

It isn’t always practical to keep treasured family heirlooms or valuable works of art on display, so what is the best way the store these precious things? Most importantly, you will want them to retain their value, so you should give special consideration to where and how they are stored. A self-storage unit can be a great option, but you need to choose carefully and pack your items correctly.

Choose the right storage unit

If you are storing antiques, it is important that they are kept at a reasonably constant temperature. When storing larger items of furniture, it is also much more convenient to have a ground floor storage unit. Other issues to consider when choosing a storage unit for valuable items are the level of security and what level of accessibility you will need.

Package with care

The more fragile your item, the more care you’ll need to take when preparing it for storage. Wrapping your item in blankets, felt or bubble wrap should protect it from minor knocks on its way to storage. Place items in a sturdy box for extra protection – those used for house moves are perfect for this purpose. Cardboard corners placed on furniture or mirrors and bubble wrap around table and chair legs will protect these vulnerable areas. Finally, don’t forget to cover all areas which are not packaged with dust sheets. These precautions should ensure that your precious possessions come out of storage in the same condition as they entered in.

Consider how to arrange your storage unit

Packaging your items is only the first step to ensuring their safety in storage. How you arrange your items in the storage unit is vital as well. Framed artworks and mirrors should only be stored horizontally so that there is no danger of them falling over. Do not be tempted to stack antique furniture on top of any other items, or to put anything else on top of them as serious damage could be caused over time.

With a little forward planning, a storage unit can be the perfect place to safeguard your expensive items. Choose a storage unit that’s right for you, pack your items carefully and you can rest secure in the knowledge that your treasured possessions are safe.

Antiques by pedrosimoes7 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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