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Making room for new additions to your family

Making room for new additions to your family

Like it or not, many of us have a fair amount of personal belongings that we’re not happy to just get rid of. Whether it’s sentiment or financial value that your possessions hold, often it can be hard to store them without cluttering up your home. If you’re planning a baby, are already expecting, or you’re looking to get a new pet, any addition to your family usually comes with a clear out before their arrival. Storage is often an issue for most people, especially when they want their homes to appear tidy and uncluttered. Putting the bulk of any possessions that you don’t use regularly in self-storage can be a great way to achieve this. There are also several other reasons why self-storage is a good idea when you’re planning a new arrival, here are some of them:

1. Avoid damage

If your possessions are worth putting in storage then they likely hold some value to you, so you’ll probably want to keep them away from any damage. Whether you’re planning to introduce a pet or a baby into the home, both of these can cause damage to your prized possessions. While you’re more likely to have your possessions soiled or broken by a child, furry animals are also inclined to knock things over, scratch or bite random objects or shed fur around the house. All of this is usually unwelcomed when trying to keep your possessions safe and in good condition.

2. Provide more room for playing

Both kids and animals love to play, so the more space that you provide for them to do so, the better. Keeping your home free of clutter can make it more inviting for a child or pet and mean that you’ll be able to keep an eye on them easier.

3. Keep them safe

Whether you have a baby crawling or a puppy running around your living room, you’ll want the area to be clutter-free to ensure they can’t easily harm themselves. Baby-proofing is very important and requires a fair amount of planning which can be simplified when you keep your possessions to a minimum and store them in a storage unit out of the house.

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