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How much are your childs old toys worth

How much are your child’s old toys worth?

Children grow so quickly. A toy that’s their favourite one day will be one that they’ve outgrown the next. Old toys feel like clutter, and it’s all too tempting to throw them away as soon as your little one stops using them.

Think back to your own childhood. Did you have any favourite toys? Where are they now? When you had your own son or daughter, what childhood toys did you wish that you’d been able to hand down?

There’s incredible value in nostalgia. There’s something wonderful about a toy that brings back such happy childhood memories. If you throw things away as soon as they’re outgrown, you risk removing that option from your child. Some toys they’ll be able to buy again as adults, whilst others become very hard to find.

Old toys, though, have more than sentimental value.

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

Vintage Polly Pocket toys have sold for almost £2,000. The Princess Bear Beanie Baby is said to be worth up to $10,000. Even old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have sold for more than £300!

The problem is, you can never tell which toys will be worth lots in the future. You could just as easily set aside the original Mr Frosty, only to find that you may as well have sent it to a charity shop.

What can you do with old toys?

If you think that a toy might be worth money in future, why just throw it away? Even if it doesn’t have financial value, it may be a treasure for your child when they’ve grown up.

You don’t have to save everything, but there are definite benefits to setting aside a few favourites. If you don’t want them in your house for decades as your child grows, then why not put them into storage?

Storing items away gives you the space that you want, whilst keeping your belongings safe and sound. If they turn out to be worth something, either financially or to your child, you’ll be so glad that you kept them. If not, it is never too late to donate or pass on a child’s toys.

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