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5 maintenance tips for storage container units

5 maintenance tips for storage container units

Storage container units are purpose-built mostly for the short – and long-term storage and transportation of materials. Most storage containers are designed and painted to withstand wear and corrosion. However, without proper maintenance, even these containers can get damaged.

Self-storage containers require little maintenance to stay in good condition. Doing so prolongs their service life too.

Here are five maintenance tips to keep yours in tip-top condition.

1. Repair and lubricate doors

Most of the moving parts of storage container units are often exposed to several risks of damages like wear from frequent use. It’s best practice to provide regular repairs on door hinges to ensure that they’re working properly.

Lubricate hinges and locking mechanisms of storage containers to reduce friction and wear.

2. Inspect and treat rusted areas

Many container storage owners erroneously think that these units are entirely rustproof due to the materials that they are made of. However, this is far from true. Most of the materials used in manufacturing storage container units are corrosion resistant, but not entirely corrosion proof.

These materials are sensitive to salt-air environments and must be treated to prevent them from rusting.

3. Place the unit on an even surface

Storage containers must be placed on an even surface to prevent them from tipping over. Placing your storage unit on an uneven surface also poses a risk to the products stored in the unit as well.

4. Clean inside and out regularly

Doing regular cleaning of your storage unit enables you to check your valuables and maintain the best condition for everything in storage. You will also spot any risks in the storage unit before they become expensive problems.

Regular cleaning allows you to go through all your stored items and get rid of things that you no longer need and clutter the unit.

5. Keep the doors closed

This is perhaps the simplest storage unit maintenance tip to follow. But it’s also the most important. A properly closed door also keeps away animals and burglars from interfering with the stored items.

Wrapping up

Storage container units have several advantages that you can benefit from, provided you care for and maintain them properly. These valuable maintenance tips should get you started toward keeping your unit in top shape.

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